Quantum world

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We are quantum beings, in a quantum world, with a form similar to the human, something with two arms, sometime with more.
Our macroscopic structure is a superconductor at room temperature, and normal things happen to us that seem strange to you, decoherent beings.
We have rich, and poor, but the quantum wallet is full and empty, so that the rich are not so rich, and the poor are not so poor, with a law but without reason.
We have a useful classic frontier, where happens decoherence: it is useful when the politics does not work: we stay in the quantum world, when we do not like it, there is the possibility that the alternate quantum path (the other politics) can win; If we like the politics, then many of us go to the classical frontier, and the wave function collapse gives a better world (we are really the best possible world).
Justice does not work, the reasoning is a quantum reasoning, so that the guilty can be innocent, and vice versa, the written code of law change over the time (without anyone touching it) like any work (painting, writing, sculpture, music, etc.).
The memory fails, amidst all the possibilities.
The worst thing is the sex, it never certainly works, and it give us many psychological problems, and stress, and there is no drug for cure.
Our planet have a flag, a beautiful flag that change ever colors and a motto, now is probably “There are only two possibilities: yes or no”, that the our artist Sheldon designed for us (like Cadle designed for you) but it can change in “There are only three possibilities: yes, no or maybe”.

Best regards from a quantum world.