Quantumised Nature

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It was a partial sunny day with a pleasant and cloudy wind playing hide and seek with the sun. Three classmates were sitting to discuss about the implementation of quantum mechanical ideas to serve the nature. The colorful flowers and fragrance was delightful in the grassy lawn of the college with swarm of butterflies. The academic institutions are the nurseries for the next generation. Different ethnicities and religions gather to learn. But, there is always a mutual room to share knowledge and skills. The same situation brought three classmates together on a same page.

Muhammad, Mazol and Christian were sitting on the grassy lawn and were discussing the peaceful use of quantum ideas to preserve and serve the nature. The idea chosen, after a long discussion, was to design a mechanism to filter the auto emission. The project plan was to design a spiral pathway for the emission gases. Muhammad proposed the use of ferrites as they are nano-particles with significant magnetic properties. Mazol drew the layout for the patterns of nano-particles. Christian contributed the narrow Y-shaped passages for the gases to separation them. Thus, the polar molecules were supposed to exhibit a phenomenon like Hall Effect while passing through the channels with ferrites.

The next day, they were sitting again to support their ideas by relevant quantum concepts. It was questioned: how the polar molecules be deflected? “It is diffraction.” Muhamad replied. Since the light diffracts from an obstacle and the electrons as well. The hypothesis was to get the di- or tri-atomic polar molecules diffracted from the ferrites. The magnetic force present in the region will change the molecular trajectory.

“It makes sense to me”, Mazol replied.

Christian commented, “Well, a good use of concepts…. But hypothetical.” Mazol, presented an astonishing pattern for the particles inside the small pipes. The aerodynamics and hydrodynamics shapes are everywhere in nature, which she used to support her design. The particle deposition was a problem, according to the design. The inkjet printers are the best examples for it and for the deflection of gas molecules as well.

Christian remarked, “Now, I have no option left to refuse the idea”. Well you and Muhammad are on the same page!

It was a long weekend and a soothing break. But Christian was little upset to see the contamination. As the boats in the ocean, he observed on the beach while enjoying sunbath, were contributing a black hazard for the ocean ecosystem. Thus, endangering the fish, crabs and prawns of the beach area. Where, he used to play with sand and water long time ago in his childhood, catching star fish and gathering shells and chasing the slugs. He was talking to himself, in order to figure out some possible contributions. Suddenly, the project they were discussing crossed his mind. It gave him more spark and he was the one who contacted the other two.

It was a cold rainy day, but their motivation did not fall and they gathered again. Christian shared his observations while Mazol shared the smog problem in Delhi (India) and Lahore (Pakistan). It was alarming for her to imagine the big chaos for the rest of the world….. particularly the Big Apple (New York City). In addition to it Muhammad further added how he suffered badly due to smoke while stuck in traffic on BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). “The real-time happening around, caution and alarm us. Only if we pay attention to….” Said Muhammad. You are right, both agreed.

Christian presented his contribution, which made his sleep flew in the valley of quantum physics last night while pondering about the subject of pollution. “I was quite reluctant, about the separation of carbon dioxide and water vapors from the unburnt gases present in the emission.” He said. But the Zitterbewegung (trembling motion), which is a hypothetical swift motion of elementary particles, specifically electrons, that obeys the Dirac equation. The presence of such type of motion was initially anticipated by Erwin Schrödinger as a consequence of his investigation of the wave packet solutions of the Dirac equation. If electron doesn’t move without trembling, then the di- or tri-atomic polar molecules must show some sort of trembling, which can support the purpose. The Paul Dirac addressed the relativistic quantum mechanics, particularly, elementary particles with speed of light or comparable to it. But Dirac and Schrödinger will not object the use of Zitterbewegung concept here. Although, it’s not confirm yet. Let’s take it as a Schrödinger’s cat… (it may be alive or dead, the chance is half alive half dead) and each molecule in the gas current can be considered as “quanta” (small packet) as well.

Everyone smiled! Finally, the three came up with a set of pipes and helical pathway to separate unburnt fuel from the emissions and it is to be feedback to engine for ignition. The prediction was to improve the efficiency by 11% while cleaning the exhaust gas emission by 88%. But in practical it was the big challenge. “There are only two possibilities: yes or no.” and the answer is Yes! As the actual results were found to 7% for efficiency improvement and reduction by 77% for the ratio of unburnt gases in the emission. It is more applicable, in regards to entropy as old vehicles need it more. Realistically, we have more old engines surfing the roads and ocean. The interfaith researchers, brought a peaceful and symbolic quantum application for the nature and its life, which is the need of the hour. Horizons are there and infinity is the limit… In real world and in quantum mechanical functions usually.

Mazol, Christian and Muhammad are serving as researchers and professors now. They are introducing the new possibilities to the youngsters while polishing the brains of the next generation to seek out the Einstein for the next century. The beaches and highways are cleaner now with miracles of the quantum physics! All of the three enjoy each quanta of happiness and moments in world with a better eco-friendly and peaceful environment…..

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I am a struggling student for masters in Physics, seeking innovations in Quantum Physics.