Realities Duality

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It wasn’t until after that day in 2007, when I was blown out the gunner’s hatch of a Humvee during combat operations in Iraq, that I realized how reality is contrived. After two days of being comatose and requiring brain surgery to drain a large cyst that had formed in the thalamic region of my brain due to the concussion blast, my reality had changed. Awakening from the traumatic experience seemed as though I had travelled to a parallel universe, was I still alive or had I died and waken in another reality. Dazed and confused, I struggled to remember the circumstances of my mishap, fumbling for any memory of what had happened, but to my confusion I came up empty. It was then that I began to discern the possibilities of my own reality. Dumbfounded by my new inquisitions, I began to research. After all, my existence had been muddled by only a few seconds of time that changed my reality forever. I frantically started studying quantum theory and consciousness, which brought forth intriguing revelations to the similarities between the brain and the universe. Similarities that include voltage in neurons and atoms, orbits of electrons and planets, and similar waves created by the brain and bundles of particles. This led me to distinguish that like the double-slit experiment, by thinking about and/or visualizing reality you can change the way it is perceived. More so, I began to theorize that the answer to the creation of reality and the universe, or so it seems, comes from the conscious mind. For myself, this concept awakened and enlightened me. The mind, for me, offers a distinct duality of existence, being that of knowledge and understanding, or lack thereof, alters the concrete ideologies of reality. Meaning, reality and the creation of everything differs for each person based on their outlook and experiences in life. This is how I came to hypothesize that both the mind and the universe meld together in parallel distributed systems.

Understanding existence is illusive to say the least. Science is the method we created to assist in understanding it. Several theories have been presented over the years as to existence and the meaning of life. Creationism, the big bang, the many worlds theories, to name just a few, all lend extravagant theoretical views to how and why our reality was created. Nevertheless, arguably how and why we were created is the most intriguing and complex underpinnings of our existence. To elaborate on this idea, deciphering what is real and what is not depends on the understanding of how we came to be, which is still questionable. These views are formulated not by external forces, such as energy and mass (or perhaps our thoughts create what we denote as energy and mass), but by deep cognitions within the mind of each human. Thus, making the mind and the universe one and the same. This also accounts for the gaps in our knowledge about existence and consciousness. What is not understood about creation, ultimately cannot be understood until the brain formulates an understanding of itself as a divine entity. The similarities discussed in paragraph one reveal this ideation. As brainwaves underpin everything going on in our minds, so does the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum, gravity, and light in the universe. Both the brain and the universe emit waves. Alpha, theta, and gamma waves are propelled from our brain to concoct our conscious reality and alter our own universe. All this transfer and interpretation of information about creation and existence is solidified through the synchronized dance of particle and wave formations. For example, thoughts and spoken words forever travel through the universe as waves. That is until the brain strikes a synaptic trigger that pulls those thoughts and words back, just to release them again with a stronger refortified wave pattern. This could be the answer scientists have struggled to develop, or is it? There are only two possible answers: yes or no.

Humanities scientific achievements are wondrous and our technological advancements at the same token, extraordinary. However, even with all the evolution and several centuries of living on earth we are still a long way from answering the one question that has stumped us since the beginning of consciousness, how our universe began. Compound it with all of humanities technological advances and scientific discoveries and it furthers questioning why scientists remain perplexed in answering the question of, “How and why we exist?”. With each new discovery relating to creation, existence, and consciousness it further complicates our understanding of them. That is because the more we learn the more complex things become, Perhaps we are looking too hard or are not meant to understand.

As I sit here and reflect on my ideas about how this life came to fruition, I do know one thing is for certain, it’s not necessary to bump your head to formulate your own ideas of existence and to live a satisfying reality. I say this because ten years later, I am living an altered reality on my own terms.

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