The Rescue

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Rohan was not a happy person.

Life was stepping from one muddy puddle to another. After the first few mishaps, there had been a consoling thought that, after a while, he would get used to his no-win and all-loss situation. But that was not to be. Every step into a puddle was as distressing as the first.

It had started in school many years back. Rohan had not fitted into any group and was on his own most of the time. He still remembered his pain when, on approaching any group of children in school and outside, the conversation and laughter would abruptly stop and there would be a very uncomfortable silence. He would turn around and leave after a few moments. He would hear a muttered comment from someone in the group followed by muffled laughter. The first few times it had caused him much pain. Then, he had stopped trying to fit into any group and had been on his own most of the time. The denial of his desire for friends and a group of his own had an adverse effect on him. He had turned into a recluse; even at home.

Thus had Rohan grown up in an indifferent world; a world not at all bothered about him. He had done well academically and had been selected after his first job interview. He had not married despite pressures from his parents. They had felt the need for a socially supportive daughter-in-law. However, their wishes were to be denied as Rohan was quite firm on the issue.

Rohan had never slept well for as long as he could remember. Most nights he would be up around 2 am. He would sit in the balcony outside his bedroom, relishing the gentle night sounds of nature. It was one of his ways of maintaining calm in his barren life.

One night, his attention was drawn to a strange light in the sky. As he stared at it, it seemed to grow bigger and to be headed in his direction.

In a short while, the glow was alongside him. He was almost blinded by its intensity. Then, the glow died down revealing a spaceship. Thinking he was dreaming, Rohan rubbed his eyes. When he opened them, the craft was still there.

A few minutes later, a hatch opened and a being stepped out. It seemed to be floating. Gravity did not seem to affect it. It began to walk on thin air towards him.

It was not too different from a human being. It was very short and had a larger head. The complexion was purplish.

Strangely, Rohan did not feel frightened at all. In fact, an unexplainable tranquility began to dawn on him. All his unhappiness seemed light years away.

Despite not hearing anything, he could sense something being communicated to him. He closed his eyes and concentrated hard. After a short while he could almost hear the words – “Greetings to you from our world.”

Rohan returned the greeting. A moment later, he was rather astonished to note that he had not heard himself speak! This soon died away to be replaced by the tranquility which had dawned on him.

The being asked him if he would like to go with them, considering that he was so unhappy in his world. Rohan said that he would. He began to feel astonished at the being’s close knowledge of his mental state. However, this vanished just as it had started. The thought that he might be leaving earth forever did not distress him. In fact, he felt a great relief.

On being invited towards the spaceship, Rohan began to walk towards it. It seemed that the railings of the balcony did not block him and gravity did not affect him. Like the being, he was walking on thin air! None of this affected Rohan in any way. It all seemed quite natural to him; as if he had been so since his birth!

When he stepped into the spaceship, he was astonished. The interior was massive, like that of a huge factory. There were other similar beings going about their chores. None looked at him.

The being gestured towards a contraption and invited him to sit. Rohan was apprehensive because it had no resemblance to anything that one could sit on.Seeing his hesitation the being gestured again. Rohan decided to take a chance and sat. When he did so, he was astonished at the comfort that enveloped him. He could not ever remember being so comfortable in his life. The comfort went beyond the body to somewhere very deep in him.

The being took a similar seat near him. He communicated that they had already left earth and were on the way to their world.

Then, he gestured towards a screen in front of them and it lit up. It seemed to be showing the surface of the moon with the craters and the depressions.

The being looked at him and asked what he thought of it. Rohan communicated that it looked pretty barren; that he had seen it earlier, too. That the moon looked nice only from a great distance!

The being looked at him for long.

Then it communicated, “Moon? That is not the moon.”

After a brief pause, the being continued, “That is the earth!”

Robin could only gape.

When he recovered, he communicated, “Earth? Are you out of your mind? How can that be the earth? We left it just a few minutes back.”

The being looked at him for a few moments. His face seemed to soften.

Then, he communicated, “The earth time scale is quite different from that of ours. We entered it to come to you and left it soon afterwards. According to the earth time scale, we left there four thousand two hundred and fifty one years ago.”

After a pause, the being said, “And two years later the earth was completely destroyed in several nuclear wars.”


About the Author: 
R G Kaimal lives in Bangalore, India., the largest online poetry site had recently featured his 404th poem on the site. He is featured by ‘High on Poems’, ‘Society of Classical Poets’, ‘Wordweavers’, etc Tor Publication of USA featured his poem in their anthology ‘Graveyard’.