The rooster

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"I have a theory I would like to talk about", says the student.

"What's the theory about?", asks the professor.

"It's about the act of observation", the student replies.

"Could you tell me the theory in short?", says the professor.

"A rooster crows only if at least a single human can observe it", says the student.

"What does it mean?", asks the professor.

"It means a rooster only crows so that at least a single human can know that and before a human observe it there are only two possibilities: yes or no", the student replies.

The professor gets annoyed and replies, "This is childish and cannot be proved".

The student replies, "I can prove it if you ask me to".

"Come tomorrow, I will put forth a condition and you have to prove your theory".

Next day the student visits the professor. "Excuse me Sir, May I come in?", asks the student.

"Yes", replies the professor with a grin.

"Can we test my theory?,Sir", asks the student.

"No need, I've have already done the experiment last night and I'm just waiting to show you the result", replies the professor.

"Could you explain in detail?", asks the student.

"I have left a rooster in this soundproof room and the rooster would have at least crowed one time but I didn't witness it and so your theory is proved wrong", says the professor with utmost happiness.

“But how could you say the rooster crowed at least once?”, asks the student.

“The rooster would have crowed”, the professor replies.

“But you can’t tell it with certainty, can you?”, asks the student.

“But..”, the professor whispers.

“Okay, meet me tomorrow”, says the professor. The student visits the professor the next day. “Come in, I have done another experiment”, says the professor.

“What’s the experiment?,Sir”, asks the student.

“The same experiment but this time I have placed a camera inside that room and recorded it”, the professor replies.

“How could you know that the rooster crowed or not?”, asks the student.

“I’ll watch the video and will know..”, the professor replies in low voice.

“Doesn’t that count as observation?, Sir”, asks the student.

“Can you please leave me alone?, you can meet me tomorrow”, says the professor. The student visits the professor next day. “Hello, come inside”, says the professor with a smile.

“Can you approve my theory?, Sir”, asks the student.

“No, I have done an experiment which disproves your theory”, the professor replies.

“What is it?”, asks the student with surprise.

“The same experiment but the camera is replaced with a robot”, replies the professor, “it observes the activity of the rooster and tells me whether it crowed or not”.

“But you ultimately know that the rooster have crowed”, asks the student.

“Yes”, replies the professor.

“Doesn’t that count as observation?, Sir”, asks the student with a smile. The professor smiles at the student.