Ruby's Doors

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Ruby walked closer. The voice spoke:

“All you need is to choose once. Go ahead Ruby, make the choice.”

The voice – this time it echoed from the sky reverberating through her body. Ruby wasn’t scared and never once thought the voice would bring her ill will, but like always, she just listened and didn’t answer back. She touched the warm, contoured wood of each door and turned away.

Ruby didn’t know why, but she always appeared at the meadow on the plateau stretching out on all sides from the doors. Each time she approached the doors, the voice spoke. The voice was kind and welcoming and continually encouraged her to make the choice. Ruby figured she would know when the time was right, but so far, each day she turned away.

Today, she came upon the meadow that was perched upon the plateau. She touched the left door. She touched the grain that ran vertically. She followed the relief of the wood, carved in two thick delineations from the center up to the corners. Unexpectedly, she noticed the deep wrinkles that coursed through her fingers with her veins protruding on the back of her hand. The voice spoke, “Ruby, it’s been quite some time, won’t you please make your choice today?” She thought to herself, not today, and turned away.

Ruby returned today, only to crawl her way through the soft grassy meadow. She was barefoot and her chubby toes enjoyed the feel of the fresh air. The door on the right reached toward the sky and the clear blue beckoned her. “Ruby, would you like to make a choice?” This voice was new to her. Teetering, she balanced herself while holding the vertical column of wood protruding on the door’s left side. The column traveled straight to the top, sharply descending to the opposite bottom. She couldn’t reach it, so she turned away.

Ruby ran through the meadow, wind against her skin, cool and effortless. The voice spoke. “Hello Ruby, so good to see you again. Will you make your choice today?” Ruby smiled knowing she was welcome here. She ran up to the door on the right and remembered the softness of the wood. This time she could reach the top left corner and follow the grain to the bottom right. As she stood up, still caressing the bold door, she tracked the final column straight up. She reached the top, smiled and turned away.

Today, Ruby was ever so tired. She wheeled herself to the door on the left. Old friend, she thought. Leaning forward, she could barely grasp the center where the two carved lines converged. She followed the grain down the middle of the door until she was slumped over. “Ruby, please make your choice today, you’ve felt the grain. After all, there are only two possibilities: Yes or No.” The voice pleaded with her.

Ruby would decide today. But which door?

She stood, feeling younger than moments before, opened the door and knelt down. She held the infant in her arms and cried. Ruby never felt more comfort and warmth as she was hugged with cool tears upon her cheek. She smiled.

The voice spoke, “Welcome, Ruby.”

About the Author: 
Barry is a life-long learner and teacher. He is proud to be a part of the world writing community. Life has become more clear as the grey hairs began to appear.