The Searchers

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"There are only two possibilities: yes or no." That was the last phrase picked up from the echoes and embers of a lost solar system. Our solar system. It was an old AM range picked up by our generational ship on the outskirts of a new potential home. We cataloged the entry as the last known transmission, in that range, and continued on to a new blue marble. Our new potential home. "Primitive technology, yet sufficient." Our communications head lauded. We bounced back the catalog with our current transmission tech to our fellow searchers a few solar systems away and further. Our technique of transmission, a bit more advanced, employs a version of quantum entanglement coded most similarly to Morse code. The vibrations of the entangled electrons beamed back utterly efficiently to every ship of ours in the Searcher Fleet and calculated for complete and quick communications. Our info dispersed, we continued to the grey-blue dot on the horizon. "What should we call it?" Marbok stated after blasting out our own electronic echoes. "How about Podolski One?" I remarked with quantum strangeness top of my mind. "Sounds good, for now. I don't think my kids would approve though. " Marbok chuckled as the once dot slowly loomed larger through the cockpit window.The marble on the horizon grew bigger and brighter. Strange formations began to appear. Continents, green patches, brown patches, marvelous moving clouds, and grey blue oceans. We found one."Bounce it back!" I exclaimed in excitement as we entered high orbit. "We found one." The planet was more than habitable, I imagined with utter excitement. Years of searching and studying the voids between have brought us here. The devastation of our solar system a narrow thought of gloom among the new marble's might. Marbok bounced back the confirmation to the fleet, throughout the galactic edges and arms. Alarm bells rang, songs were sang. We found one.

About the Author: 
Nicholas R. Regan is an artist, writer, and more. He's been an artist and writer since 2007 with an enormous range of content. He hopes to inspired people to explore.