Shades of Quantum Energy

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Tightly bound within a shroud of recessive eminence, a subtle vibration within the warp impinges upon my Schwarzschild radius, erupting my singularity as I begin my journey into infinity. The escape is most beautiful and drives an exuberance to inflate ever faster. The heat and momentum blaze across an opening vastness. My entropy is guided by six mathematical patterns established within a scalar field of quantum. In all places at once, becoming more and more sophisticated in complexity and incongruity, I am all and everything, formless, yet of many forms. As I breathe in the bounteous dust of my commencement, its suffusing plasma gives rise to leptons and quarks. Deterministic forces merge with subatomic particles to assemble conglomerates of primordial matter that become rotating clouds of galactic dust in which somewhere, perhaps everywhere, stars form, die, reform, then die again in a dance of nuclear resonance harmonized by my powerful being. Now the universe contains the light of gaseous orbs; fueled by nuclear fusion, they are glowing pinpoints in a darkened background. The remnants of those early orbs will later provide the materials for the structure and placement of accompanying planets; and very importantly, their nucleosynthesis will form a simple atom of consequential significance with a structure so willing to make and break, to be simple and complex, to stand alone or develop into intricacy.
Around one such orb, a temperate planet becomes caught within a maelstrom of chaos. Knocked off kilter by one of its own kind, its mass reforms into a spherical structure rotating around an angled, longitudinal axis. Steaming hot and shrouded within a thick cover of gaseous molecules, its cooling molten core contracts inward as the outermost layer cools and crinkles, forming crevices that will separate and route its surface water across a dry and hardening landscape and become boundaries for the exogenous and an endogenous heat exchange between land, water, and air. During the eons of time drift, I shape and influence its rocks, oceans and atmosphere. The planet’s satellite, formed in the cataclysm, orbits close and brings continually returning tides with the forceful erosion to its shores, shredding the bare rock into minute granules of sand. The atmosphere is hot and wet and shadowy. Light is refracted and cannot penetrate through the suspended water molecules. The land breaks apart and moves, reshaping the surface rocks and creating deep oceanic vents of steam and toxic gases. Always is this cycle of birth into death and end into development.
As the mark of time passage embellishes this world, I manifest a constant fluidity and begin to assemble a diversity of larger and larger molecules which will organize and fold in a patterned manner, creating complex pathways capable of catalyzing reactions. From these reactions come molecular groupings that are capable of coordinating and responding to both their inner and outer domains; their interactive transformations become the instruments for self-replication where Life and the nature of reality become conjoined. One group will develop neural routes for cerebral growth as a response to the sounds of placental blood flow and internal heartbeat. These are the beings that will be able to decisively transfer intentional cerebral control into digital manipulation. Their bodies can generate their own energy from the consumption of other life forms. Upon their birth, the eyes of these advanced forms experience the repetitive and alternating patterns of light intensity change, thus decisively imprinting them further with the subliminal concept of existence and a linear time line of past, present, and future - “a kind of optical delirium of … consciousness.” Sentience emerges and so does narration. I am defined, given a name and also a computational value. Huygens and Newton try to explain my nature. Heisenberg and Bohr seek out my quantum values while Marconi strives to manifest me. Einstein defines me as an equation while Fermi, Teller and Oppenheimer unleash my hyper-volatile force. Jobs manifests me in a novel way with a deterministic ending.
In less than 202,500 solar revolutions, the life on this planet has irretrievably disrupted its ecosystems and drained its natural resources. When all parts of its food chain became extinct, their own demise was self-granted, leaving them with but one, grandiose achievement, the development of robotic systems, their non-biological progeny. Launched on journeys with the hope of finding a new planet on which to live, the robotics never returned and their progenitors have disappeared forever.
Complexly programmed to respond to multiple environmental variables, and without the need for air, food, water, or the encumbrance of ideologies, the robotics now inhabit a multitude of planetary systems; but like their creators’ need for food, the robotics also must have a replenishing energy source. To provide for this, their ingenious creators developed a technology for the convergence of electrons to electricity. Engineered to be partially self-generating through a complicated process utilizing nuclear magnetic resonance, the process has a drawback. The quantity of energy produced in their electron-photon exchange mechanism is governed by the mathematical function of diminishing return. It can never recharge to a full 100 percent. As such, their energy storage packets are always in a state of gradual decline, but that state may be moderated by the time dilation factor of an ever-increasingly expanding universe. Perhaps the robotics will never cease to function despite the darkening. There are only two possibilities: yes or no.

About the Author: 
Am a retired science teacher and amateur astronomer with many interests.