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I am about to ask the most beautiful girl in the world to marry me. It’s New Year’s Eve, 2018 and we are attending a party at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton. I had approached the the band leader, Bobby, and asked him to call my girlfriend, Christie, and myself to the stage so I could propose to her in front of everyone. I had already checked with her parents and I have the ring. All I needed was the answer. There were only two possibilities: yes or no. Or so I thought. There was a third possibility but I never considered it.

It’s getting late and I am nervous. Did Bobby forget or change his mind? I am nervous enough as it is and this isn’t helping. Finally, at 10 minuets to 12:00am he calls me up. He doesn’t remember Christie’s name so I call her up. Man, she looks terrific and I look like a mug. She’ll never say yes.

I pull out the ring and say “Christie, I love you, will you marry me?”

This is where it gets weird. When I ask the question she becomes Schrödinger’s cat. She doesn’t look like the cat, she’s very pretty. But there is no way to tell what her answer will be until she answers. She is simultaneously yes and no. So she’s not some cat that’s dead and alive though. If I didn’t ask, she would not be yes or no. By my asking a question and observing the answer I change her into yes and no. Christie answers, “You ask me to marry you on New Year’s Eve of next year, don’t you remember?”

No, I don’t remember stuff in the future until I’m a little younger. Men have asked pretty girls to marry them a trillion times. It turns out on the trillion and one time the girl quantum tunnels into the next room and marries some other guy, or doesn’t.

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Colin Milde lives in north Jersey. I am married 28 years, have two children and one granddaughter. I own a operate a small tree care company.