Spooky Action

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“Olive, I don’t get you sometimes.” Yuki’s brown eyes and long lashes peeked out from over the coffee cup. “You come here every day. You sit in the same chair, observing everyone who comes through that door like it was a sorting hat. Last time I checked, you’re still single.”
Olive nodded, tucking an errant wisp of her straw-colored hair back behind her ear. The coffee shop door creaked open, a cool breeze enveloped her face but the woman walking in did not interest her.
“You’re being too picky.” Yuki set her mug down, the steam blowing in the shop’s air currents like a probability function waiting to collapse. “Soulmates are just a lonely person’s meme put out there for romantics in an electronic world.”
Olive smiled, her hands traced a swirl pattern on the wooden table, her finger’s random walk on a path to somewhere. Looking up, she parried, “What about you? How are those apps narrowing the field?”
Yuki’s fingers tapped her ceramic mug, the click, click of her polished nails tapping out something like SOS. “I’m meeting people. Last week, this guy actually asked me something about myself.”
The door rattled open again but when Olive looked up no one entered as the wind jostled the gateway. Confused by the emptiness, she felt her mind reach out only to be snatched from the room. The smell of coffee replaced by that of newly cut hay. Her viewpoint shifted to a wide-open space, a large tree stretching its limbs and a couple lounging in the provided shade.
“Edith, my love, we should tell our parents,” the dapper young man seemed overdressed. He had taken his jacket off but a vest flopped open over a white starched shirt. His black hair slicked back. Her eyes drifted to the woman, with a long dress and a large floppy hat.
The woman clutched her hands in front of her chest, “No, we can’t Gale. Our families would never allow it.” Olive watched a kerchief come out and the woman dabbed at her eyes. She heard a horse neigh in the distance.
Gale’s hand reached for Edith’s, he kissed it. “Let’s run off, I knew the moment I met you we were meant to be.” Olive watched Edith snatch her hand away and saw her head turn. Following her movement, Olive gasped at the unmistakable brown eyes.
Her ears rang and she felt a tug on her wrist, “Olive? Olive! Are you okay?” Olive’s eyes snapped to Yuki’s. The vision disappearing. A wave of nausea came over her, as her hands gripped the table, and a slight chill ran the length of her spine. Yuki launched out of her chair and knelt beside her, reaching out and passing her hand over her forehead. “Whoa, you blanked out on me for a second. Here, sip this water. Have you eaten today?”
“Yes, I’m okay, sorry I was day dreaming.” Color returned to her face and she took a long draw of the water. Her eyes darted about.
“Day dreaming? Well, that was intense,” Yuki returned to her seat letting out a deep breath. “Don’t do that again, your eyes were doing somersaults.”
“Do you believe in destiny?” Olive stared into Yuki’s eyes, confirming her vision.
Yuki shook her head. “Look, sweetie, I’m sorry. I might meet ten random people in a day, merely off chance encounters, not destiny.”
“I know,” Olive reached for her necklace and twirled it with her thumb and forefinger. The Labradorite crystal seemed electric to her touch. She needed to move, “Can I get you more coffee?” Standing up she reached for Yuki’s mug and headed for the barista.
Waiting for a refill, she closed her eyes. Behind her, she heard the rumble of the door, felt cool air brush her exposed ankles, and sensed the solid footsteps pound the wooden floors. Her eyes blinked open to a tall man, his brown eyes surveying the board above the counter. Olive’s breath caught and her heart quickened.
“What’s good?” The timbre strummed her eardrums. The man’s face was the color of a light latte, with a prominent nose and cheeks, and cropped hair.
Olive cocked her head. Grabbing her two mugs, she smiled, “Try the nitro cold brew.” Nodding, she headed back to Yuki, feeling the man’s eyes on her as she withdrew.
Yuki was on her phone. Her thumbs dancing across the glass. “Thanks, are we still on for dinner on Thursday night?”
Olive’s eyes wandered to the man at the counter. He wore thick leather loafers, jeans, a white shirt, and vest.
“Teddy? One nitro brew.” The barista called out. Teddy looked over at their table. His eyes shifted between Olive and Yuki.
Yuki looked up from her phone, “Thursday, right?” She placed her phone in her purse and followed Olive’s eyes. “Olive? What is it with…” Her voice wavered.
Olive’s heart slowed, she sighed now understanding the vision. Teddy hesitated, fumbled with the plastic lid. Olive grabbed Yuki’s hand. “Maybe we should hold off, I think you might find your schedule tangled up.”
“What’s that? Entangled, huh?”
“No, I meant your schedule, might be…”
Yuki’s hands reached for her hair. She ran her fingers behind her ear and down her neck.
Olive heard the boots like dice tumbling onto a table. She understood the vision, knew she was a mere observer validating the interaction and collapsing the probabilities.
Yuki tilted her head, “He’s coming this way? How do I look?” Her voice trembled, the coffee sloshed as her elbow nudged the mug.
Olive patted and released her hands, “run away with him this time.”
Teddy reached the table. His large hand shot forward, “Hi, my name is Teddy, this might sound weird but have we met?”
Yuki remained in a trance, first looking up at the hulking giant and then at the soft hand before her.
Teddy understanding, simply asked, "There are only two possibilities: yes or no"