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“There are only two possibilities: yes or no. That’s what you’re saying, right? You keep saying that your cat is a dead cat. Not a living cat. That your cat has actually been dead since this morning but instead of leaving its body home, you decided to take it on the plane with you anyway to give it a proper burial on Mykonos, one of our most beautiful islands, the place where you first saw your furry companion almost thirteen years ago. Also… our cat island. Am I right, so far? Thank you. However, I tend to think that you are a well travelled woman. I would expect your passport is full of stamps. I knew it! So you have, indeed, been to many places in your life, you know how the world works. And… how airlines work. This particular airline has a strict policy with regard to decaying bodies. Something, I am sure, would not have escaped your attention and which, otherwise, would have brought a rather hefty fine along. Not to mention all the hustle with the medical commission... Oh… You really don’t want to have anything to do with them! So, I can only assume you have made a mistake in claiming that your cat was dead before boarding the plane. I am sure it was alive and well, as this cat here, your cat, seems to be. So, no. It wasn’t dead. It never happened that Michalis, a fine young man, look at him!, would do such an appalling thing. He is not the one who would risk his job, who would risk the future of his toddler boys. He would never let a cat carrier fall on the tarmac because… he simply loves his job. Would you take a guess which of our beautiful islands is the one Michalis calls his home? Exactly. And then, Michalis would never open a broken cat carrier to check on the integrity of its content just for fun. He is someone who really cares. He would never scramble frantically looking for a cat lookalike at the end of terminal B, between the bus station and the car rental place, where a rather small number of cute quadrupeds have found shelter in recent years. He would not try to get rid of a lifeless body, even if it were that of a cat. Why would he do that? He would also never try to fool anyone, he’s an honest man. I know him. I truly do.
But, if you’ll allow me, I’ll tell you what really happened. There are never only two possibilities in life. It’s never black or white, it’s never yes or no. We are talking here about something physicists call… a superposition. The world is full of potentialities which we force to become reality just by interfering. We stick our hands in the fabric of the world and we make it real. Your cat was both dead and alive as it got here. No… don’t laugh at me. Greece is not a place where dead cats come back to life, but it is a place where people with a Ph.D. in physics end up working in the Lost and Damaged Luggage office at the airport, because of… governmental debt repayment and financial crisis. You know what I mean! Had the cat carrier been kept closed, nobody would have known if the cat inside was dead or alive. It might have been dead to you, it might have died of old age or it might have even come in contact with a radioactive gas, you never know. But, also, it might have been alive to Michalis. The moment that lid was opened, reality was forced to take a certain path. What we see is… what we should see. This is your cat and… it is very much alive! This is what reality chose for us. For you and your love of cats. For Michalis and his toddlers. For me and my botched research. In this version of the universe the world is the totality of facts, not of things, or dead cats.
And now, if you’ll excuse me, reality is calling. Again. There is always some lost and damaged luggage somewhere and I need to tend to it now. Enjoy your stay on Mykonos!”

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Gabriel Furmuzachi