Tonight I Witnessed A Man Get Hit By A Speeding Car

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Tonight, a man was hit by a speeding car in front of my apartment on Westminster Bridge Road. I am shocked and saddened to see this man laying frozen, face up on the cold pavement. In all my life, I have never wanted anything more than for him to be alive.

"Please, let him survive in this parallel universe", I beg the same universe.

"He probably has a few broken bones but isn't irreparably broken in this parallel universe", I reconcile as one of many probabilities.

Can you blame me? I'm a macroscopic collection of particles and my Reality is generally driven by cognitive emotions and biases. So I take some responsibility for what's happened to the man. Perhaps if I hadn't been sitting on my balcony, the driver wouldn't have barrelled down the street and he wouldn't have stepped into the road.

What if the microscopic world in which quantum objects behave as if they're created by the mere act of observation--in this case, my objective Act of Observation or someone's lack thereof--caused this macroscopic event?

Suddenly, I'm remembering the speeding car... The driver fled the scene without stopping what seemed like hours ago, but I got a glimpse of the black BMW'S License plate details Thankfully, emergency services have arrived and they're meticulously preserving the integrity of the crime scene.

The man still hasn't moved from the spot where he fell, but this parallel universe may not be worse than the other. I don't know if he's dead, alive or somewhere in between. What I do know is that it's reassuring knowing that 'there are only two possibilities: yes or no'.

Hot tears start streaming down my cheeks as I'm overwhelmed with grief. I'm devastated for the man. How could he ever have predicted that his fate would be the victim of a hit and run on a Saturday evening just before midnight? I truly feel for him. My sorrow for his circumstances is a sorrow I have never felt before.

I have never imagined how it would feel to witness a person jolted to lifelessness so suddenly. The sadness overwhelms me, but is insignificant compared to what those who know him will encounter.

I'm acutely self-aware and always express genuine empathy and goodwill towards others. Still, the brutal and unexpected situation before me--and the sorrow that has come over me--shows me that collectively, humanity is far more powerful than the individual strength within. (Reassuringly complemented by macroscopic incidents derived from unknown microscopic worlds and parallel universes that explain entireties.)

I called St. Thomas's Hospital to check if the man survived. His name is David and he's alive and well--here, there or everywhere.

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Hi, my name is Alwayne Ritchie and I'm an expat living in London.