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My memories go back to what happened, as I try to understand the reasons that brought me to where I am now.
Somebody caught me, all of a sudden while I was wandering, as I do every day, along the street where my house resides.
I didn’t expect the sudden attack, I was distracted by the fragrance of fresh air and flowers and by the birds singing. Life sometimes can look so beautiful, and precisely in these moments it seems to fly away at the speed of light.
I still don’t understand what happened afterwards, since it was completely unexpected and occurred rapidly. I can guess that – shocked and frightened by the violence of the man who grabbed me - I lost my senses while my kidnapper was running, carrying me in his arms God knows where…
And then, well I found myself here, in a kind of suspended state. I can’t believe what happened to me. I would say I cannot even be the judge to whether I survived or not or if I became strangled by the fear that has started to invade and shake my body, making me a ghost of who I was once.
I feel weak, my conscience is fading in and out. In some moments I am present to myself, in others it is like my soul already left me, leaving me like an empty bag, thrown in a corner of this..... well, I am in the dark, closed in something which looks like a strange room, with walls made of steal. My steps, while I try to explore the empty space around, produce a very peculiar noise. Besides that, I can hear only the ticking of a clock. I try to understand from where the clock noise is coming from, since here there is not even a single photon illuminating the black velvet that surrounds me.
As I crawl and scratch desperately at the boundaries of my confinement, I find some kind of small wooden box, which is for sure the one beating my time. But why?
Almost hypnotized by the slow flowing of the seconds, I suddenly start to hear some movement outside. Somebody is approaching my prison, and I am scared out of my wits, even though the noises which are arriving seem now quite familiar.
Or maybe this is exactly the reason why I feel so scared. Yes: it is frightening, and it is freezing my nerves even if I don't understand why. My body smells bad now, or it is just my impression? I know very well this gait, slow and attentive, almost suspicious…the walk which a very thoughtful man would do.
I start now to connect some of the things I heard a few days ago, without really understanding them. I did not catch this could have been eventually the end of everything for me.
No. I did not deserve this: you always said I was your beloved and favourite pet, your best company….And now you are opening the box where you trapped me, for your stupid experiment. And when you have opened it, there will be only one answer, no more doubts.. am I still alive right now? Will you find me alive when your eyes will sit upon me? There are only two possibilities: yes or no. And now the final collapse is approaching.. you are opening the ceiling of my trap, Prof. Schroedinger!

About the Author: 
I am an italian physicist, looking back - these days - to the foundations of quantum mechanics.