Tribal Encounters : Quantum States

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“Leaders of traditional medicine, science,somnium interpreters and theoretical physicists never take my warnings and harbingers seriously. Who will survive the tectonic plates ? I think now and allow them millennia before they acknowledge reality,no civilization ever kept my dream a prisoner -despite my ululations.They would rather stop and stare at a wall for a decade, then move to the next wall,a few nanometers taller…approaching the Monolith of Truth with scepticism”, Katlego, The Oracle pondered under a rock.

Upon the precipice of untapped realms, Kaon residuals swept by epochal forces populated appearances in the village of Mutnaqu.The Kaons were West African denizens,they where tired of modern language which rendered images for forms . So they decided to use Adinkras- which was a supersymmetric language that activates quantum states.
Under the dangling moon , lay eavesdropping about terrestrial gods pleading for more praise and atleast a little reverence; for they where vanishing on the threshold of a society held hostage in its own brain chambers.

The annual Reed Dance had collected its convergence on the continuum of ritual activity.The dance was an incense to the gods of past generations and the celebration of magical shows . The reeds were inscribed with Adinkran Scripts espoused by many elders of the Zulu tribe who owned profound knowledge of symbols.
They knew that information was the most fundamental aspect of the Universe,that if you lost “hidden variables” the mysteries would all dissappear . Adinkras are pictures that have hidden meaning. The whole village waited in near low end frequency silence.
Chief Hene stepped closer to re-acquaint himself with a congregation he hasn’t revealed his countenance to…

“What would we do if these things we value around us quickly
vanished into thin air and only that which we feared to appear remained.What would we all do,Will we be willing to rebuilt a new world,to let go of preconceived ideas?”, mumbled one of the villagers outside the peripheral of audibility.
Another said “but we rather let that be decided by the power of symbols”

Hene observed the unitary presence of the crowd,carefully concerntrating their collective Will using a sceptre called the qumode. He had a proper control of rhetoric,in our reality this would mean wavefunction. Hene knew that he could make anything appear out of ‘thin air’,since he could use a light squeezer and virtual particles that pop in and out of existence,which he stumbled upon while reading ‘Kitab al-Manazir’ written by the scientist Ibn al-Haytham .

He emerged from his chair as if he was being accumulated into space from his
throne,many felt the density of an ineffable presence.He appeared to be removing the veil of reality,revealing to them a world without time,without strife,without blemishes,a canvas made of quantum states .

This revealing seemed to echo the veritable sense of the word,that is,relevare- to reveil,to veil again. Immediately as the populace observed its cacarss ,the body of the goat which was sacrificed assunder began to atrophy,backwards into time as thunder consumed the meat.No words were necessary to express the awe of the phenomenon,no exclamation could be reserved for this amount of perplexity,only the anxious pain of trying to capture
the essence of each pixel,this perfect utopian space.

Hebe spoke in Adrinkrian : “We are serving time ,my friends,and these bars that surround us webs our light,puts borders between paradigmal and constitutional thought.We were put in this small village,our imagination was never destined to pass over the river banks.”
“How much of this tranquility could heal a soul,rid of discormfort?”
The mutterer mumbled,once again.

The general vibrations on the ground by the girls dance ebbed and culminated over shamanic drummings,the people where as one,nothing was denied them as a garment of silk assumed its beautiful art. The dance formed a field of trance,penetrating almost every idea,every empty space, every single photon was placed into another state as if by a blanket of electromagnetic fluid. It was as if the villagers contributed with their individual thoughts this idea,this form of which is indescribable it was a many world problem.

Chief Hene gestured “Fiat Lux,ego sum qui sum”,susing the symbolic language this wass demonstrated with a double-slit experiment,to a Kaon audience and possibly other polyglots,for one argued that it has Latin connotations for the maxim “let there be light…i am,therefore being exist”.

A white expanse of light emanated from the premises where he stood,scales from their eyes fell,the trip was halted,the altered reality they were observing disappeared at the alter,they can now feel their skins.

He poked the firmaments and he awaits what is to descent from the skies.
Suddenly, a lightning struck and he is teleported to his palace,only his nonlocal doppelganger remains ,but the only difference is that the villagers and himself can see everything he is doing,broadcast live at the reed dance.

The Oracle knocks his knee with a gong to wake him up from deep theta limbo state,were he reclines under the tide of the urban oceanic wavefront, in their dimension he is seen on the chair staring at the pale white wall. Walls his way towards the window without saying a word to her,she feels as if he exists in a world a few micrometers from hers,he seems to be surrounded by an entourage that communes with him eternally,in her world he is only but a ghost,speaking with phantoms .

The Oracle asked him,“Do extra-dimensions exist?’ .

There are only two possibilities: yes or no.

But he always finds more interesting ways between yes and no so he responded,with a laconic measure: “close your eyes for a few minutes and tell me if time and space are still relevant to you,respectively”

To exist betwixt being and nonbeing,asleep and awake,a constructive interference ,it is to be in two places at the same time.He enjoys this state of uncertainty.
Drenched in the full juice of dreams,drunk with symbols,sleepwalking,fracking the Universe, fine-tuning reality…such dominate the terminals of his days,or rather his nights.

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A student of Mathematics and i explore interests in Quantum Information.