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Entry One

They said I should start keeping a journal, but mention no dates. Just talk about how I feel. If there’s anything amiss with my body and with my mind. Don’t know why they need a journal when I have to answer a ton of questions after each trip. Weird! Got to oblige, though. That’s what Mr. Tanner advised. Once the agreement was signed and the money transferred, no take backs. Have to go all the way. Not sure whether I’m excited about the destination or scared. I only hope that I’ll still be me at the end of it.

Entry Two

They’ll send me a little further tomorrow. No more teleportation from one room to another. We are aiming for the cafeteria now. Everyone’s excited, especially Dr. Holloway. I’m not. Being destroyed and reconstructed is no fun at all. I plan on keeping myself busy with video games until then. Doctor Holloway said I should rest. As if!
I’m so bored... Tired of answering the same questions over and over again. I mean, why do they keep asking me about my birthday and my name after each trip? Are they expecting me to forget someday? Is that one of the side-effects of teleportation? They didn’t mention anything in the agreement. And I remember reading that sucker word by word, a couple of times.

Entry Three

I was supposed to end up in the middle of the cafeteria, but instead they sent me on the rooftop. Almost fell to an untimely death. Doctor Scott was practically fuming. Honestly! His face was so red that you might have thought coals were burning between his jaws. I am the youngest among the trippers (that’s what I have decided to call my teleportation buddies), and from what I have gathered, Dr. Scott used to have a son my age. He was killed in a plane crash. Now I understand why he treats me so nicely. Bringing me video games, and always asking me if I am doing alright, and making sure they always have my favorite (pepperoni pizza) at the cafeteria. I feel sorry for Dr. Scott because I know what it means to lose your family. I also get why he tries so hard for the teleportation project to be a success.

Entry Four

They finally succeeded. I was teleported right in middle of the cafeteria. No mistakes. The trippers are celebrating with the personnel, but I wasn’t in the mood for toasting. Besides, I’m only eighteen. Can’t drink anyway.
Today, I got an answer wrong. Or better said, I gave no answer at all. When they asked me about the first time I flew a kite, I couldn’t remember. No matter how much I tried, the memory was nowhere to be found. It’s gone. The last moments I spent with my parents before the accident have been completely erased from my mind. How can that be!
But, it’s not only the kite memory. Other things have been missing, too. My foster mom...I can’t recall her name. It’s like she never had one. My parents’ funeral, the social worker that helped me after I was orphaned, the dog that my foster dad bought me for Christmas, all of them are but empty spaces. No, not spaces. Drawers. When I pull them open, there’s nothing inside.
I haven’t told Dr. Holloway about this yet, and it hasn’t come up in the questions either. She is not going to be happy about it. I couldn’t care less. I just want my memories back.

Entry Five

The project has been going on for almost three months. We were twenty-two at the beginning. Only seven at the moment. The others have been sent home. Or so they say. I think they are still here, in the emergency wing. Dr. Scott wants to terminate the project, but Dr. Holloway is against it. She says we are on the verge of a breakthrough. Whatever that means.
They wanted to teleport Jimmy at the gates of the institute, but it was a mess. Jimmy ended up on the lawn, crying. I saw him with my own eyes. They let us watch the others when they trip. Something tells me that’s history after the Jimmy incident.
I heard people whispering, talking in the cafeteria about him. It seems that he can’t remember anything. Not even his own name. I’m worried. The last time I tripped my body felt sort of numb. Like it wasn’t solid. Like I was made of air.
I should tell Dr. Scott about this.

Entry Six

Dr. Holloway announced today that Dr. Scott has abandoned the project. And the institute altogether. He didn’t even say goodbye. I went to Mr. Tanner and asked for Dr. Scott’s phone number. He refused to give it to me, mumbling something about personal privacy. He looked kind of nervous, too. I wonder why? Come to think of it, everyone has been acting strange lately... After the Jimmy incident, only three of us are left. Tomorrow I’ll be tripping for the thirtieth time.
We have been separated from the rest of the institute. Now, we are having our meal in the room. Actually, we aren’t even allowed to leave our rooms between trips. Nor talk among ourselves. Emily and John looked scared the last time we saw each other. I think that was three days ago. Maybe four. Don’t know. Time has been acting up, too. Or is it my mind? Can’t tell anymore.

Entry Seven

This notebook has my name on the first page, but I don’t remember it. Nothing in here sounds remotely familiar. I know who Dr. Holloway is, but the rest of them...
No, I don’t think I’ve met them before.
As for everything else... They must be lies. Someone must be playing a trick on me.
I...I am not sure. My brain hurts so much! Could this notebook really be mine?
There are only two possibilities: yes or no.

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