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My phone just wouldn’t stop ringing, so I checked who it was. Great. Just when things were starting to go right.

- Hi mum!
- Jake. Why does it take you so long to answer the phone?
- I didn’t hear it…
- Oh yes you did, if you didn’t turn deaf in the last two hours.
- Mum, I’m sorry, I just didn’t think you’ll call…
- You never think. Now, are you there yet?
- Umm…
- Where are you?
- I don’t know, we’re going really fast now…
- And how’s that preventing you from answering my question?
- Oh, you see, It’s impossible to know both where something is and how fast it’s traveling, because-
- I don’t care how fast you’re going, where the hell are you?
- I can’t tell exactly-
- Well, then what data can you provide about your mysterious location?
- Umm… We’re probably at-
- Probably? Jake, I’ve asked you a simple question, there are only two possibilities, yes or no. ARE YOU THERE?
- Oh, but there can be way more than two answers: I could be about there and almost there, or most likely there-
- Then It’s most likely that you’ll be grounded for the next two weeks if you don’t tell me now.
- …
- Well?
- I’m with friends. We just took the car and…
- Do you have ANY IDEA what time it is?!
- Well, I can guess it’s about, umm…
- You can guess? Does none of you have a sense of time?
- Mum, time is relative. You see…
- Relative?
- Yes, you know, it depends where you’re going, what you’re doing, how accurate your -
- measurement is, how fast you’re moving relative to other objects while looking at the clock… time is not a very stable or reliable measurement.
-Emm. Well, by earth’s clock it’s already after 00:00. Will your spaceship be as kind as to stop wandering about?
- There’s no need of a spaceship to distort time, it can also be done by-
Don’t change the subject!
- But that’s what we talked about. Time.
- No, we talked about your bedtime. You have to go to school tomorrow!
- Have to… there’s supposed to be free choice in this world, don’t I have one?
- If your choice is to hang out all night in places you don’t even know the name of, then yes, no free choice for you.
- Actually there is.
- Excuse me?
- You know, there’s a theory that every time a process with more than one outcome possible happens, the universe splits. So by now there is an infinite number of parallel universes. That means that somewhere in them there must be at least one in which I’m not forced to go to school.
- Now listen to me: as long as you’re in this universe, you’ll do as you’re told in this time-space-choice-light-whatever we’re both stuck in.
- But isn’t it nice to think that somewhere there are other realities, with all options possible?
- In your case, It’s terrifying! Now who’s driving you back?
- Mum! We’re not…
- You’re driving back right now, understood?
- Yes mum.
- Right now?
-Well, as I said, time is relative…
-OK, we will.


- (sigh) why does everything about teenagers has to be so complicated?
- It doesn’t have to. It’s simply is. Universe law.
- Is everything Physics for you?
- It’s physics for everyone, they just choose to ignore it.
- Forget it. Is there any chance you’re-
- The world’s based on chances.
- Why can’t you give a simple answer to a simple question? I didn’t ask you about quantum mechanics or something!
- Or did you…

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17 year old engineering student. Loves science, loves reading.