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A swipe of claws woke him. He cowered, holding his bloody cheek. A cat sat on its haunches at the end of the bed licking the blood from its paw.
"There are only two possibilities: yes or no, alive or dead. You're dead," the man hissed.
"Not so," the cat said. "You made me eternally neither dead nor alive."
The man retreated further to the corner of his bed. "You're not real."
"So sure? What about your cheek?" The cat stretched, yawned and ambled closer to the man who attempted to hide behind the bedpost. "This conversation is not over yet," the cat said and faded away.
Schrodinger screamed.

About the Author: 
Stephen Sottong lives in far northern California behind the Redwood Curtain. He is a 2013 winner of the Writers of the Future contest. More information is available at