A wandering note

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Dear reader, beware of the story I am about to tell which it is a testament of the series of events that forever changed the way I see the future, and I will need to record it before whatever it was that descended upon in days of yore walks again into the world.

As well, as you might know, transportation is now a problem of the past, the human mind achieved the ultimate solution which allows us now to appreciate more our time, but in my case I may not have too much longer left.
Once the first Personal Quantum Computer was completed, the final applications opened new and more exciting times. It did not take long after it, but it was developed what it was defined as the Portal Transfer. From here onwards, travelling was completely a solved issue, and any variety of vehicles slowly started to disappear; soon enough, the novel technology expanded around the globe. Nevertheless, human desires can never be satisfied, and the craving for progress is always present. A Transportation Institute was inaugurated where a new connecting portal was being developed and tested in the internal laboratory. The most remarkable improvement was to not just allow movement, but to observe in real time the connecting region, not by a camera, but an experience described as when Alice went through the looking glass.
I was assigned as the new chief of the main laboratory, as the previous person in charge was fired because, as many of the employees described, he became a madman. Nothing proliferated as fast as the events of his several research visits to the south Americas. He found himself interacting with obscure folklore and weird tales of doors, as our own Portal Transfer, leading to the realm of old Gods. There was a time when the old chief was called a genius, but at the end, after his unusual accident, madness was the only memory left in the mind of the people who dare to remember him.
it was simple gossip until the day I was forced to believe. Everything happened at the silent of the night, not so long after I received the official position. I decided to view one of the old empty laboratories. Suddenly, I heard a piercing noise, which drove me to think that an alarm was set off. I walked directly to the source of the disturbance, and quickly I decided to open the door and enter the room. Here is when I saw it, a machine was on. The shrilling outcry could be heard, puncturing through my skull, and drilling into my brain. Inadvertently, I was struck by a blunt object, and fell like puppet with his strings cut off. My conscience began to slowly slip away as a slow snail. It was then when I could grasp my vision of him while going to and fro in desperation. He suddenly stopped with blood shot eyes and said to me: "Are you willing to cross? there are only two possibilities: yes or no". Before I could even utter an answer, a blinding light exploded before us. Here is when a scream, an uproar raised from the darkest places of earth inundated the room. Until this day, it is impossible to accurately describe what happened the few seconds I could remain conscious. The lurking shadow came from the nothingness and was the last thing I saw. It was just an instant, but as my conscience dispersed, the shapeless crawling fiend passed by my side.
My senses came back a couple of hours later, and the laboratory was empty; no soul, human or not, was present at the time I opened my eyes. Using my confused awareness, I scanned the area; nevertheless, the room was empty.
I looked for the room logs, but as always has been, there was nothing registered. In my ignorance, I decided to convince myself that I had a terrible nightmare.
Months passed by, and my ephemeral life continued; but nothing is eternal, except for them.
It finally struck the day I decided to view the old laboratory records. I found my unrecognisable assailant, someone who should have perished, staring at me again from the picture ID badge of my laboratory predecessor.
I attributed it to a simple coincidence until a series of letters started to arrive; esoteric ideas
started to appear inside the darkest corners of my mind. I started to accept that my experience was more than just a nightmare. My paranoia did not become real until the last letter arrived. I read it slowly, and it sent my mind away from any leftover of saneness I could have had left. I realized in the instant I gaze my sight upon the following lines that nothing in my life would be the same again.
With a slow pace and close attention I read the following paragraph:
"[...]regarding the question, I must advert I found a miscalculation[...]which will make a great difference of opening the connection. This will produce an unstable hole which leads to breaking the veil which route to the faceless god, the crawling chaos, Nyarlathotep[...]"

The old me would have thrown away this clearly crazy message, but after what I saw, I decided to write this short note to be testament of the last of my rational thoughts before I lose any brief moment of sanity I have left, or in case any strange accident creates a memory into the world of my predecessor, due to my fear that something which was held for so long is now able to walk among us.

About the Author: 
Phd Student who loves weird tales and dance every time it can while researching about cosmology and trying to survive the academic life.