We Won't Tell Dad

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“Mommy, do you currently exist in my bedroom?” Tesla joked logically as I kissed her goodnight. I reassured her that, for all practical purposes, I did. I didn’t have a big, dancing wavelength- the uncertainty principle.
Tesla was obsessed with this notion that the act of observation that we were a result of, was God’s. And that God’s measurements carved out what we called fate. Every night, she has new things to tell me. She feels the need to share her imagination. But not with her dad. Quark and I had both agreed that she won’t delve into this realm of the micro or any kind of physics, until she’s thirteen. But all Tesla had wanted for her eighth birthday was the key to our private library. Since then, her questions have kept me well aware of how fast she was advancing through the shelves. Quark still has concerns.
I have my own confusions and fears. But what is left to fear when you even doubt locality? Quark was growing skeptical of me lately; not that I was keeping him privy to any of my plans- it was just me and Tesla…
Quark was a classical guy. I had reasons to enjoy his company. Sometimes when I felt stuck- in a quantum quagmire, classical encounters with him felt like a breeze of light matter. He, however, felt differently. But he also sweetly admits that, physics aside, I had made his days brighter.
Tesla dear, it has never been attempted before… I told her, my voice quivering with awe.
But Mom… Her voice, an exited whisper.
Darling, you see, the working principle is entanglement. Every two entangled particles in the two chambers are in a state of superposition- this means their state isn’t definite. The moment you measure one of them, instantly-
You know the state of the other particle… she completes it.
Exactly. That’s about entanglement. Now one of these chambers here acts as a scanner- it scans your particles. And these particles get entangled with the ones in the adjacent chamber, which is in turn entangled with the chamber in the basement laboratory, about five buildings down… You can think of these chambers as extracting the information in your particles and sending it over to the basement chamber, where it is transferred to a set of new particles. And those new particles then form the new you…
But not quite the same?
We have no reason to believe that, darling.
Quark’ home…
As far as the theory is concerned, it’s the information in our particles that forms our identity.
“You have to restrict her library protocol,” Quark said, starting his lunch.
“Maybe,” I said, not sure.
“She’ll go mad. I hardly ever see her without books. And not to mention the awkward way she stares at the moon at night.”
I could feel it. Einstein… I like to think the moon is there even when I’m not looking at it.
So eerie. On a misty might, full moon.
Lately, my sleep movement’s gotten Quark concerned. I wish he’d understand. I’m not mad or out of my mind- I’m a quantum physicist. I logically wonder about reality. And I know, I’m not wrong. This world is made up of misbehaving particles, they only misbehave when we’re not observing them. Else how the electrons end up just behind the barrier between the two slits? Answer, interference. Wave behavior. And implications weighing a thousand tons.
The heart of a quantum physicist is different. You can’t be certain, at any moment, about anything. Things can pop in and out of existence, but that’s the way it is. Or I wouldn’t have fallen into warps of quantum physical attraction. I know, that if I ever encountered a parallel-self from a universe where I’m not a quantum physicist, which I believe would be just a blissful ignorance, she’d be the one who’d die of fascination and shock to the fragile fabric of the mind. I must, therefore, always have strong faith in quantum mechanics. It’ll keep me alive…
Mom… I’m after all made up of the same misbehaving particles… Tesla insisted, blood burning in her cheeks. If the electrons can do it, why can’t I?! Think about what might follow… Tesla the first to teleport to the moon!
Sometimes I didn’t believe my daughter was just nine. Lately, I’ve just been wandering. In a haze of uncertainty. Almost not existing. Was I doing this?
I and Tesla had about three hours before Quark was back.
Tesla dear, for the first time in my life, I’m not sure… I told her, subduing an urge to pick her up and run out of the lab for now… You’re my everything, dear.
But, her eyes glistened. MOM, I am sure… And she stepped into the chamber.
Alright Tesla, you make me look mad to your dad, and you can’t imagine not being the one… may the moon be yours.
Bid her farewell? I didn’t. How could I ever imagine?
I’d done the operations. It was still an hour before Quark was back. I’d taken the utmost care with the transfer protocols. For a thousandth time, I fought the urge to stop everything. Maybe it was late now.
I mustered all the belief I had.
Quantum mechanics is the true picture of reality.
Over to the particles.
I waited in the basement lab. Rethinking what crazy allure has entrapped us. Rethinking the prudence in believing Tesla… We won’t tell dad…
No. If the electrons can do it, why can’t she. Physics shouldn’t be so unfair as to have different laws for the big and small.
I waited for the green signal on the particle chamber to blink. I didn’t want to face Quark in this state of reality.
Had Tesla managed to behave microscopically? That was the enigma. But what brought me both a great solace and a great trepidation now was one truth- that there were only two possibilities; yes or no.

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Likes to think the moon is there even when she's not looking at it