The World Without Love

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I am Bob, high school student, and I am lonely inside. My history teacher tells me that right from the big bang theory, all our actions have been sort of programmed and even his explaining the topic as well. In my world, we are pretty much normal. We eat, laugh, play and have fun but we don’t love. Love isn’t even known to us, love is just a legend about our forefathers. Now the feeling of love has been extinguished according to our programming.

My friends don’t experience or feel the need for love, they just have fun throughout their lives. They sometimes create entangled pairs with themselves but it’s mainly for bets on who can do without checking their position or measurements the longest. If this is the case, then am I an error? I want to meet my second half, I want to quench the emptiness I feel when I read history books, I want to get married and live a long and happy life. I told my teacher this before and he just laughed and advised me to go for counselling. It was heart-breaking. I was the only odd one in my no-love world. I go to the library hoping I would find a solution to my problems but nothing is helpful. Maybe my journey for love needs to be cut short.

I take a nap and start hearing a voice in my dream. Someone was calling out to me. “Hello. Hello. I don’t know if you can hear me but I love you” And then the voice was gone as if it never came. I wake up feeling confused but, as if a lightbulb was switched on in my head, I realize that someone actually loves me.

I rush to tell my dad and after hearing me, he sits me down and tells me “Bob, I’m worried about you nowadays. You don’t play with your friends anymore. You don’t have fun anymore. And don’t think I haven’t seen your search history. Always searching about love. Bob, love doesn’t exist anymore. With males being able to reproduce alone, we can sustain ourselves. Look around you, we are all males and we are happy without the females. No one complains and no one talks about love. It’s just a legend, son. Please get over it. There’s no way another person is calling out to you in your dream and there’s absolutely no way that someone loves you. It isn’t real, so stop with all these fancy illusions and get a life. That is all. You may leave.”

I walk out there feeling more depressed than I have ever left. Could I be running mad? I can swear that I heard that voice saying “I love you”. Could it be a figment of my imagination? I sit down on the porch swing and just think about this thing called love. I sleep off and hear the same voice again.

“I’m sorry love. Don’t listen to your dad or anyone else although without him, we wouldn’t be able to communicate like this. The more depressed you feel, the more your heart calls for me and I can use the transmitter machine to communicate with you but your level of depression determines the amount of time. I can’t wait for the time I will see you and be near you. You see in my world, we were told that in the beginning, soulmates came from a single human and we then split up and are teleported to different worlds based on our gender before birth. While in your world, love doesn’t exist, in my world, love is all we try to find. We know about the soulmates thing and I finally built a transmitter machine to communicate since I figured out that the T.V. shows we watch are about your world. I found a way we could try to be together but it’s extremely risky. If we use the principle of Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC), we can try staying at extremely low temperatures by using the rapid freeze sheaths which allow our bodies to be cold but we don’t feel it. This would cause our atoms to come back together and we would be together forever. It may or may not work. Remember, there are only two possibilities: yes or no. If yes, then set the temperature to -3456°C at exactly 12pm and enter. We could either be together or we would both die. Remember if either of us backs out, the other would die. So send me a sign of acceptance in the next hour. Oh and my name is Alice”.

I wake up and start processing all this new information. So love does exist. But am I ready to risk my life for something I have never felt? I think about this for over 30 minutes, all the while aware that Alice is probably watching me. I recall the picture I saw of my great great great great great grandmother holding hands with her husband and looking into his eyes. I am now sure of my decision. I am ready to take the chance just to hold hands with my life partner, to see love in her eyes, show love in mine and to be happy once again. With tears in my eyes, I get the picture and place it on my chest, exactly where my heart is. After putting on the sheath, I wait for the clock to hit 12. I have written a goodbye letter to my father explaining it all in case it fails. By 12, I feel nothing. Thinking Alice changed her mind, I start crying and then in the blink of an eye, I see her right in front of me and she looks glorious. Stunned, I am only able to say “Hi, Alice” and she gives me the most radiant smile and says “Hi, Bob”. I have finally met my Alice. The future is bright with endless adventures.

About the Author: 
I am a high school student in Nigeria with a lively personaloty and a positive outlook on life.